25 Best Travel Movies Of All Time (Films That Will Inspire You To Travel)

You can watch these films over & over again, and never get sick get sick of them. Nothing gets me more excited to travel than a good travel film. It gives you the inspiration and the motivation to a new destination.

So here is my personal list of the best travel movies of all time. Which ones are your favorites?

I started to realize I had a travel obsession when all my favorite movies were based on crazy travel adventures.

Once I’ve finished watching any of these films, I feel the instant urge to pack up everything and head out to explore the world. Great travel movies like these have inspired me a lot for my own personal travel goals over the years.

  Image of Into the Wild
1. Into the Wild (2007)
After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life. (148 mins.)
Director: Sean Penn
Stars: Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener, Marcia Gay Harden
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“ Into The Wild is the true story of Christopher McCandless, a recent college graduate who gives away his live savings and hitchhikes to Alaska. He meets all kinds of people along the way, each with their own stories. In Alaska, he heads out into the wilderness to live on his own. His life is filled with random adventures and experiences while he makes his way up to “The Last Frontier”. This is what travel is all about to me. Experiences, good and bad, make you who you are. And long term travel is FULL of new experiences. The key is to not completely get in over your head (like Christopher did). ” – harrismcteyd
Image of The Motorcycle Diaries
2. The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)
The dramatization of a motorcycle road trip Che Guevara went on in his youth that showed him his life’s calling. (126 mins.)
Director: Walter Salles
Stars: Gael García Bernal, Rodrigo De la Serna, Mía Maestro, Mercedes Morán
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“ Essential Visuals: Miramar, Buenos Aires, Argentia; Caracas, Venezuela; Patagonia; Nahuel Huapi Lake; Machu Picchu; Atacama Desert
Where It Takes You: South America

This awe-inspiring film is based on the memoirs of Che Guevara, from a time before he became an iconic Latin American revolutionary. Guevara (Gael Bernal) and his friend Alberto “Mial” Granado (Rodrigo De la Serna, Guevara’s real-life second cousin) climb atop a motorcycle and ride across South America for eight months and over 14,000 kilometers. The trip inspired the rest of Guevara’s incredible life. The movie will inspire you to learn more about the incredibly beautiful continent. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of The Beach
3. The Beach (2000)
Twenty-something Richard travels to Thailand and finds himself in possession of a strange map. Rumours state that it leads to a solitary beach paradise, a tropical bliss – excited and intrigued, he sets out to find it. (119 mins.)
Director: Danny Boyle
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel York, Patcharawan Patarakijjanon, Virginie Ledoyen
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“ Where It Takes You: Thailand
Essential Visuals: Bangkok; Koh Samui Beaches; Gulf of Thailand; Ko Phi Phi Leh

Want to see Leonardo DiCaprio before he had a dadbod? We hate to bust someone’s bubbles, but we’re not talking about Titanic here. For the ladies reading this post, the 2000 adventure film “The Beach” lets you feast your eyes on a shirtless young Leonardo DiCaprio, swimming on the fabulous crystal clear waters of Ko Phi Phi Lee. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of The Way

The Way (2010)

A father heads overseas to recover the body of his estranged son who died while traveling the “El camino de Santiago,” and decides to take the pilgrimage himself. (123 mins.)
Director: Emilio Estevez
Stars: Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Deborah Kara Unger, Yorick van Wageningen
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“ The Way is a beautiful and inspiring tale about a father walking Spain’s Camino de Santiago trail to honor his recently dead son. The experience is an eye-opening an emotional one for him, as he’s forced to make friends with complete strangers and examine his life during the 800km journey. It features a very eclectic mix of characters, all walking the path for their own personal reasons. The movie certainly made me more interested in traveling along the Camino at some point in my life.
The Way is a heart-warming and beautiful story of a father who walked the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain, to honor his estranged son who recently died while trekking this trail. His experience was eye-opening and quite an emotional one, as he was compelled to make friends with total strangers as well as examine his life during his long 800 kilometer long journey. The film features a pretty eclectic blend of characters, all trekking the long trail for their own personal reasons. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of 180° South

180° South (2010 Documentary)

The film follows adventurer Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia. (85 mins.)
Director: Chris Malloy
Stars: Yvon Chouinard, Doug Tompkins, Keith Malloy, Alicia Salome Acuna Ika
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“ 180 Degrees South is a documentary that follows the adventure of a group of friends as they travel to Patagonia in the spirt of their heroes. They pack their surfboards and climbing gear as they sail and drive along the South American coast, learning about the losing battle against industrialization and the destruction of the natural world. Modern commercial interests fed by the growing human consumption of disposable goods is ruining our planet, and the film shows what some brave people are doing to try and stop it. The movie’s beautiful scenery and fantastic soundtrack mix together with a strong message and travel adventure to create a true work of art. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Wild

Wild (2014)

A chronicle of one woman’s 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent personal tragedy. (115 mins.)
Director: Jean-Marc Vallée
Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Gaby Hoffmann, Michiel Huisman
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“ Reese Witherspoon donned a pair of ill-fitting hiking boots and a giant backpack for her role as Cheryl Strayed, a writer who trekked 1,100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail after the devastating loss of her mother. (The film is based on Strayed’s best-selling 2012 book of the same name.) Strayed crosses the dusty Mojave, crazy forests, snowy fields, and muddy trails, losing toenails but gaining mental clarity—or at least self-acceptance—along the way. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of One Week

One Week (2008)

Chronicles the motorcycle trip of Ben Tyler as he rides from Toronto to Tofino, British Columbia. Ben stops at landmarks that are both iconic and idiosyncratic on his quest to find meaning in his life. (94 mins.)
Director: Michael McGowan
Stars: Joshua Jackson, Peter Spence, Marc Strange, Gage Munroe
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“ Where It Takes You: Road Trip Across Canada

This 2008 film chronicles the motorcycle escapade of Ben Tyler, a school teacher, as he takes a fascinating road trip from the city of Toronto to British Colombia’s Tofino. Along his quest’s route, he makes stops in a number of landmarks, to find the true meaning of life, before he gets married. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Tracks

Tracks (2013)

A young woman goes on a 1,700-mile trek across the deserts of West Australia with four camels and her faithful dog. (112 mins.)
Director: John Curran
Stars: Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver, Lily Pearl, Philip Dodd
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“ Where It Takes You: Western Australia
Standing in for real-life writer Robyn Davidson, Mia Wasikowska travels across the breathtaking landscape of Western Australia with only four camels and a beloved dog for company. Her occasional human visitors include a photographer for National Geographic (Adam Driver), an indigenous Australian elder named Mr. Eddy who guides her through sacred lands, and various tourists who come to gawk at the so-called Camel Lady. Davidson’s solo trip was beyond the pale for a woman in the ’70s, but it’s still incredibly inspiring today. We’ll just leave the camel-training to someone else. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

In Mexico, two teenage boys and an attractive older woman embark on a road trip and learn a thing or two about life, friendship, sex, and each other. (106 mins.)
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Stars: Maribel Verdú, Gael García Bernal, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Ana López Mercado
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“ Where It Takes You: Mexico
Essential visuals: Mexico City; Puerto Escondido; Huatulco; Secluded Mexican beaches

Julio and Tenoch are two teens ruled by raging hormones and a mission to consume exotic substances. But one summer, the boys learn more about life than they bargain for when they set off on a wild, cross-country road trip with seductive, 28-year-old Luisa. The temptress Luisa teaches them the finer points of passion, and they of course, both fall madly in love with her. ”– harrismcteyd

Image of The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

A year after their father’s funeral, three brothers travel across India by train in an attempt to bond with each other. (91 mins.)
Director: Wes Anderson
Stars: Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman, Amara Karan
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“ Essential Visuals: The Himalayas; temples in Jodhpur; Indian railways
Where It Takes You: India

The Darjeeling Limited is a wacky film about three wealthy, spoiled brothers taking an overland train trip through India. They haven’t spoken in a year, and the trip is supposed to heal and bond them again. Initially it all goes wrong as they bicker and fight with each other. They are all suffering from depression, and pop pain killers like candy. When it seems like nothing is going right, their crazy experiences along the way finally put things into perspective. The ultimate goal of healing and rejuvenation starts to happen. They finally start to grow up and turn into men. The movie is hilarious, and beautifully shot too. It will make you want to visit India. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Encounters at the End of the World

Encounters at the End of the World (2007 Documentary)

Film-maker Werner Herzog travels to the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, looking to capture the continent’s beauty and investigate the characters living there. (99 mins.)
Director: Werner Herzog
Stars: Werner Herzog, Scott Rowland, Stefan Pashov, Doug MacAyeal
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“ Encounters At The End Of The World is an incredibly beautiful and funny movie about the people and animals who live in Antarctica. The film is done by Werner Herzog, one of my favorite directors. The individuals that work at the National Science Foundation research station are full of character, and most are permanent world travelers. Even if you’ve seen Discovery channel shows about Antarctica, this is totally different and fresh. I liked it much more than I thought I would, and it has earned a spot on my best travel movies list because as soon as it was over I wanted to pack up and head down there for a bit! ” – harrismcteyd
Image of The Bucket List

The Bucket List (2007)

Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die. (97 mins.)
Director: Rob Reiner
Stars: Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes, Beverly Todd
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“ The Bucket List is a tearjerker, and more importantly, a heart-warming film that will inspire you to do all the things that you want to do before you kick the bucket, including traveling. To me, the film also reminds us that life is too short, and we should enjoy it to the fullest. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

When his job along with that of his co-worker are threatened, Walter takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined. (114 mins.)
Director: Ben Stiller
Stars: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Jon Daly, Kathryn Hahn
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“ When Walter’s job along with that of his co-worker are threatened, Walter takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined. This is a lighthearted look at the adventurous spirit with some awesome travel mixed in. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Out of Africa

Out of Africa (1985)

In 20th-century colonial Kenya, a Danish baroness/plantation owner has a passionate love affair with a free-spirited big-game hunter. (161 mins.)
Director: Sydney Pollack
Stars: Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Michael Kitchen
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“ Where It Takes You: Kenya
Essential Visuals: Ngong Hills; Shaba National Game Reserve; African savannas

Meryl Streep and Robert Redford star in this tragic love story about a married baroness who falls for a big-game hunter, based on the autobiographical novel by Isak Dinesen. Filmed on location in the UK and Kenya, including the Shaba National Game Reserve, Out of Africa feels about as epic as the doomed love affair between two very different people. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

Three friends decide to turn their fantasy vacation into reality after one of their number becomes engaged. (155 mins.)
Director: Zoya Akhtar
Stars: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Naseeruddin Shah, Kalki Koechlin
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“ Where It Takes You: Spain

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara ( You Don’t Get Life a Second Time ) – Two lifelong friends (Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar) take a third (Abhay Deol) on a road trip through Spain instead of throwing a traditional bachelor party. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of How Much Further

How Much Further (2006)

Esperanza and Tristeza both have to get to Cuenca. However, by an unlucky turn of events, the bus they are on gets delayed due to a worker strike… (92 mins.)
Director: Tania Hermida
Stars: Pancho Aguirre, José Alvear, Ruth Basante, Pato Borja
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“ Where It Takes You: Ecuador (Esperanza and Tristeza)

Que Tan Lejos (How Much Further) is set in Ecuador, as Esperanza and Tristeza try to get from the capital city of Quito to the town of Cuenca. It is normally a 5 hour bus ride. The two women decide to hitchhike when local strikes force their bus to stop. One girl is a local trying to stop the love of her life from getting married, while the other is a tourist from Spain. Along the way, they learn from each other while meeting interesting people who help them re-evaluate the purpose of their journeys. The film is filled with beautiful scenery from Ecuador, and gives an authentic portrayal of life in that country. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer (1966 Documentary)

The crown jewel to ten years of Bruce Brown surfing documentaries. Brown follows two young surfers around the world in search of the perfect wave, and ends up finding quite a few in addition to some colorful local characters. (95 mins.)
Director: Bruce Brown
Stars: Robert August, Michael Hynson, Lord James Blears, Bruce Brown
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“ Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world,” sang the Beach Boys; and if ever a film embodied that mindset, it’s Bruce Brown’s 1966 surfer documentary. Brown shadowed buddies Robert August and Mike Hynson on a round-the-world surfing trip, filming their travels to places like Hawaii, New Zealand, and South Africa as they crested waves and met like-minded surf obsessives. The film’s impact on surf culture and tourism was huge, thanks in no small part to Brown’s cinematography, as well as the subjects’ ability to make riding those impossibly large waves seem effortless

This 1966 classic has a cult following, and deservedly so; it spiraled an entire surf and travel subculture, and has been inspiring travelers for the past 50 years. The film follows surfers around the globe as they search to continue summer surfing beyond the summer months. Their travels are what any traveler could wish on such a journey; exotic locations, cultural exchanges and lessons, and plenty of good stories along the way. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Easy Rider

Easy Rider (1969)

Two counterculture bikers travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans in search of America. (95 mins.)
Director: Dennis Hopper
Stars: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Antonio Mendoza
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“ Released the year of the Woodstock festival—perhaps the biggest event of the ’60s counterculture movement—Easy Rider couldn’t have come out at a better time in history. The film plays out like a motorcycle travelogue, following Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper) on their sojourn from Mexico to Los Angeles to New Orleans. Shot on a shoestring budget, the film is flush with desert landscapes and towns that the pair of nogoodniks (and co-stars, like a young Jack Nicholson) pass through on their drug-and-booze-fueled hippie adventure. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of The Art of Travel

The Art of Travel (2008)

High school grad. Conner Layne is about to marry his first love, but when wedding plans fail, he goes solo on his honeymoon to Central America… (100 mins.)
Director: Thomas Whelan
Stars: Christopher Masterson, Brooke Burns, Johnny Messner, James Duval
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“ Ever think of trading out the American dream of white picket fences and suburban houses for an adventure? The 2008 film The Art of Travel shows a man who does just that after finding out his long time sweetheart and fiancee is cheating on him. Abandoning the past and in an attempt to move forward, he takes his honeymoon alone. The result is an adventure of self discovery and the true meaning and mastering of wanderlust as he and a group of adventurers try to race across the Darien Gap.

Travel lovers everywhere will be inspired by the cinematography as the hero travels through the miles of the South and Central American rainforest. The film also does a fantastic job of depicting the struggle every traveler feels in their soul at the thought of returning to what is familiar after having experienced the challenges the world has waiting for you. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of A Map for Saturday

A Map for Saturday (2007 Documentary)

On a trip around the world, every day feels like Saturday. A MAP FOR SATURDAY reveals a world of long-term… (90 mins.)
Director: Brook Silva-Braga
Stars: Scott Erikson, Rebecca Filmer, Sabrina Hezinger, Kate McNair
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“ A Map For Saturday is a travel documentary that follows one man as he quits his cushy job with HBO to travel around the world for a year and live out of his backpack. It shows the different ways people travel, and gives an accurate picture of what it is like to vagabond around the world long term. You get to experience both the ups and downs of his trip at a very personal level. If you ever thought of doing something like this, the movie will show you what the experience is really like. It also shows you that anyone can travel cheaply if they really want to. The only thing stopping you is, well, you. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Spain become enamored with the same painter, unaware that his ex-wife, with whom he has a tempestuous relationship, is about to re-enter the picture. (96 mins.)
Director: Woody Allen
Stars: Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson, Javier Bardem, Christopher Evan Welch
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“ Where It Takes You: Spain
Essential Visuals: Barcelona Harbor; Spanish countryside; Oviedo; Santa Maria del Mar Church ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Hit the Road: India

Hit the Road: India (2013 Documentary)

Hit The Road: India is a travel adventure documentary about two friends participating in a 12-day rickshaw rally across India, from Mumbai to Chennai, recognized by Lonely Planet as one of the top-10 greatest adventures of 2012. (80 mins.)
Director: Gor Baghdasaryan, Mushegh Baghdasaryan
Stars: Richard Gazarian, Keith King
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Image of Away We Go

Away We Go (2009)

A couple who is expecting their first child travel around the U.S. in order to find a perfect place to start their family. Along the way, they have misadventures and find fresh connections with an assortment of relatives and old friends who just might help them discover “home” on their own terms for the first time. (98 mins.)
Director: Sam Mendes
Stars: John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph, Allison Janney, Carmen Ejogo
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“ A few months before their baby is due, Verona (Maya Rudolph) and Burt (John Krasinski) decide to take a road trip to find the perfect location to raise their family. Their journey takes them from Phoenix and Tucson to Madison and Montreal, a city that has never seemed more friendly or inviting. The movie is a wonderful tour of North America’s cities, as well as a touching tribute to love and family.

John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph play expectant parents in director Sam Mendes’s 2009 flick. Verona (Rudolph) and Burt (Krasinski) travel across the continent searching for where they should settle down to raise their unborn baby. They visit friends along the way, learning about the type of parents they’d like to be and despite Verona’s hesitation to get married, pledge they’ll always be there for each other. In his review of the film, Globe film critic Wesley Morris wrote that it “is a road movie for idealists.

Away We Go is story of discovery and interaction with different lifestyles of people across the world, and a look into the different kind of lives we can choose to live. The story follows a couple who is expecting their first child; upon learning they are pregnant, they decide to travel across North America to try to find the kind of culture and life they wish their child to grow up in. The film does well at inspiring you to not settle to be like the people around you, but to make your own path. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation (2003)

A faded movie star and a neglected young woman form an unlikely bond after crossing paths in Tokyo. (102 mins.)
Director: Sofia Coppola
Stars: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Giovanni Ribisi, Anna Faris
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“ Where It Takes You: Japan

Essential Visuals: Tokyo; Daikanyama; Shinjuku Park Tower; Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto; Nanzen-ji Temple’s Sanmon gate

Lost In Translation is based on two separate travelers, Bob & Charlotte, visiting Tokyo at the same time. They meet each other and form a friendship as they experience confusion and hilarity in a strange and curious city. Bob is an aging actor starring in commercials, while Charlotte is the bored wife of a photographer there on business. They are an unlikely pair, experiencing a degree of loneliness in a foreign city filled with millions of people. This is another beautifully shot film that also shows how funny and interesting traveling in a new country can be. The many little random experiences that present themselves while traveling are often the most memorable. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

A writer impulsively buys a villa in Tuscany in order to change her life. (113 mins.)
Director: Audrey Wells
Stars: Diane Lane, Raoul Bova, Sandra Oh, Lindsay Duncan
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“ Where It Takes You: Tuscany, Italy

Don’t want to give up your city life? A word of advice, please don’t watch the Under the Tuscan Sun. With all the delightful wines, mouthwatering food, remote cottages and scenic rolling hills shown in the film, this romantic flick will inspire to you to travel to this Italian paradise, as well as urge you to scrap your urban life, for a chance to harvest an awesome dream of living a life Under the Tuscan Sun. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love (2010)

A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage really is, and that her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey to “find herself”. (133 mins.)
Director: Ryan Murphy
Stars: Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, Richard Jenkins, Viola Davis
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“ Where It Takes You: Italy, India, Indonesia

The book-turned-movie Eat Pray Love, ever since it was released, has been inspiring people to travel, and seek a life or career outside the big buzzing cities.

I have to admit that this was one of those rare occasions where I didn’t enjoy the book but I enjoyed the movie. Yet another one based on the real story and memoir by Liz Gilbert, Julia Roberts plays her and visually takes us through her transformational journey from a difficult divorce to a quest of self-discovery through eating in Italy, praying in India and loving in Bali. A movie for the senses. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

Two drag performers and a transgender woman travel across the desert to perform their unique style of cabaret. (104 mins.)
Director: Stephan Elliott
Stars: Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, Terence Stamp, Rebel Penfold-Russell
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“ Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving, and Terence Stamp star as two drag performers and a transwoman who travel to Alice Springs, Australia, in a lavender-hued school bus they’ve named Priscilla. A road trip across the Outback serves as a dusty backdrop for personal revelations and general awesomeness, like a fireside lip-sync performance of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Seven Years in Tibet

Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

True story of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountain climber who became friends with the Dalai Lama at the time of China’s takeover of Tibet. (136 mins.)
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Stars: Brad Pitt, David Thewlis, BD Wong, Mako
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“ Seven Years In Tibet is about an Austrian mountaineer who heads out to conquer a Himalayan mountain in 1939. After getting captured and sent to a prison camp, he ends up breaking out with another man and sneaking into the holy Tibetan city of Lhasa. He befriends the young Dalai Lama just as the Chinese attempt to invade Tibet by force. Both men are from totally different worlds, yet become great friends and learn from each other. The character starts off as a selfish prick, but slowly changes his outlook on life when confronted with new experiences in a very foreign land. It’s a good movie that shows you how travel adventures can transform your life.
Filled with scenic shots and views of The Himalayas, Potala Palace, and other sites, most of the filming actually took place in Argentina. However, two crews allegedly secretly shot footage in Tibet, providing authentic visuals. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of The Way Back

The Way Back (2010)

Siberian gulag escapees travel 4,000 miles by foot to freedom in India. (133 mins.)
Director: Peter Weir
Stars: Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Dragos Bucur
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“ Inspired by an incredible true story, The Way Back follows seven prisoners from very different backgrounds as they attempt the impossible: escape from a Siberian prison in the dead of winter. Thus begins a treacherous 4,500-mile trek to freedom across the world’s most merciless landscapes – from Siberia to India. They have little food and few supplies. They don’t know or trust each other. But they know that to survive, they must withstand nature at its most extreme. A compelling testament to the code of trust among travelers, and our innate quality to seek survival and freedom at all costs ” – harrismcteyd
Image of L'auberge espagnole

L’auberge espagnole (2002)

A strait-laced French student moves into an apartment in Barcelona with a cast of six other characters from all over Europe. Together, they speak the international language of love and friendship. (122 mins.)
Director: Cédric Klapisch
Stars: Romain Duris, Judith Godrèche, Kelly Reilly, Audrey Tautou
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“ I have met very few travelers who aren’t obsessed with L’Auberge Espagnole. While there are numerous reasons to love this movie—the romance of Barcelona, the potent sexual tension, etc.—the number one reason why travelers crave this movie is because it’s so incredibly real. Anyone who has ever lived or studied abroad can instantly relate to this film and the way in which it traces the subtle cultural differences and real-life situations experienced by University-aged travelers. Watching L’Auberge Espagnole makes you want to call up long lost travel acquaintances and reminisce and laugh over a stiff drink and focus on the lighter, more important side of life. A final sticking point is the way in which the main character, Xavier, realizes that life’s various experiences and the personal connections you forge are ultimately what really matter, not your salary, title, or career. As this is a mantra many free-spirited travelers hold so dear it’s no wonder the film has fostered such a devoted following. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Baraka

Baraka (1992 Documentary)

A collection of expertly photographed scenes of human life and religion. (96 mins.)
Director: Ron Fricke
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“ Baraka is a non-narrative documentary film, but this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Baraka. This movie explores themes via a kaleidoscopic compilation of natural events, life, human activities and technological phenomena shot in 24 countries on six continents over a 14-month period.

Shot in 70mm film in 24 countries on six continents, Baraka (meaning “blessing” in several languages,) is more of a transcendent global tour – an exploration of extraordinary places, peoples and cultures that create the world’s pulse. A world beyond words, this story is almost an un-story, a narration of nature and of humankind’s chaotic and lovely relationship with it. A viewing experience truly awesome and like nothing you’ve seen or felt before. (2008 | Not Rated) If you loved Baraka, ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise (1995)

A young man and woman meet on a train in Europe, and wind up spending one evening together in Vienna. Unfortunately, both know that this will probably be their only night together. (101 mins.)
Director: Richard Linklater
Stars: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Andrea Eckert, Hanno Pöschl
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“ Takes You: Vienna, Austria
Essential Visuals: Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel; Hofburg Palace; the Donaukanal

When traveling to a new city, chances are you spend a large part of the first few days just walking around and finding your bearings. Few films encapsulate that aimless walkabout feeling like Before Sunrise. Backpacking American Jesse (Ethan Hawke) gets to live every male traveler’s dream. He meets Celine, a gorgeous French woman (Julie Delpy), and the two have a 12-hour love affair while exploring Vienna for the day. No strings attached.

Regarded as one of the most significative films of the 90s, and starring a young Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, the film tells the story of an American travelling by train around Europe, and a French girl travelling home from Budapest. After striking a conversation on the train and having an instant chemistry, they decide to get off together in Vienna. The couple establish an intense intimacy, share stories, opinions jokes and discover love, all surrounded by backlit buildings, racing against time before sunrise. The film’s success is proven by two sequels, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Central Station

Central Station (1998)

An emotive journey of a former school teacher, who writes letters for illiterate people, and a young boy, whose mother has just died, as they search for the father he never knew. (113 mins.)
Director: Walter Salles
Stars: Fernanda Montenegro, Vinícius de Oliveira, Marília Pêra, Soia Lira
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“ Where It Takes You: Brazil

Central Station tells the story of a bitter old woman and an orphan who leave Rio de Janeiro’s outskirts to embark on a road trip the northeast of Brazil, in search for his father. Expect spectacular scenery of an arid, semi-desert part of Brazil, with traditional cultural insights, far from the flashy beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of In July

In July (2000)

Can Daniel follow the sun from Hamburg to the Bosporus by Friday to meet his love? (99 mins.)
Director: Fatih Akin
Stars: Moritz Bleibtreu, Christiane Paul, Mehmet Kurtulus, Idil Üner
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“ Where It Takes You: Eastern Europe

In July (Im Juli) is a movie about a road trip through eastern Europe and all the adventure that goes along with it. Daniel is a shy & boring young school teacher who never really does anything fun & exciting. He decides to break out of his shell while chasing a girl from Germany to Turkey on a crazy road trip that will change his life forever. His travel partner shows him what he’s been missing as they drive, hitchhike, walk, swim, get robbed, steal a car, get in fights, escape from jail, and bribe border guards to get to their ultimate destination. By the end of the adventure, he’s a changed person. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of The Road Within

The Road Within (2014)

A young man with Tourette’s Syndrome embarks on a road trip with his recently-deceased mother’s ashes. (100 mins.)
Director: Gren Wells
Stars: Zoë Kravitz, Dev Patel, Robert Patrick, Robert Sheehan
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Image of Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

A family determined to get their young daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant take a cross-country trip in their VW bus. (101 mins.)
Director: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris
Stars: Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear, Abigail Breslin
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“ Lovely, cute, inappropriate and hilarious, Little Miss Sunshine tells the story of a dysfunctional family that went on an unusually blissful and funny road trip to California, to fulfill the dream of their sweet little girl.

Time to cross the country with the eccentric Hoover family on a hilarious ride in a VW bus to bring their Little Miss Sunshine to her beauty pageant finals in southern California… It’s a good thing this little girl has some serious sunshine – her family needs every ounce of it! And she spreads it liberally ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Amélie

Amélie (2001)

Amélie is an innocent and naive girl in Paris with her own sense of justice. She decides to help those around her and, along the way, discovers love. (122 mins.)
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Stars: Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz, Rufus, Lorella Cravotta
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“ Where Its Take you :Paris

If you haven’t been to Paris before you’ll want to plan a trip after stepping into Amelie’s world. This whimsical, contemporary French classic shows the life of an imaginative waitress (played by Audrey Tautou) living in Montmartre as she goes on quite the personal adventure throughout the city. Scenes take place in a Parisian cafe, the metro, and the Basilica of the Sacré Cœur, and there’s also beautiful landscapes shots and one of the loveliest moped scenes you’ll ever watch.
No list of the best travel movies would be complete without including this beautiful French film that is not only a heartfelt good-vibes story, but also an impressive display of cinematography. The film follows the life of Amelie – a young French woman in search of her purpose in life, and the lives of those around her. It’s about as good as it gets for Paris inspiration and wanderlust. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul

Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul (2010 Documentary)

Into The Cold–A Journey of the Soul retraces the personal and harrowing expedition of two men on foot… (85 mins.)
Director: Sebastian Copeland
Stars: Sebastian Copeland, Keith Heger
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Image of Highway

Highway (2014)

Right before her wedding, a young woman finds herself abducted and held for ransom. As the initial days pass, she begins to develop a strange bond with her kidnapper. (133 mins.)
Director: Imtiaz Ali
Stars: Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda, Durgesh Kumar, Pradeep Nagar
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“ The movie went beyond the social message or the Stockholm Syndrome. More than a love story, it was about the sense of freedom that travel can introduce one to. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

A psychiatrist searches the globe to find the secret of happiness. (120 mins.)
Director: Peter Chelsom
Stars: Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike, Tracy Ann Oberman, Jean Reno
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Image of Two for the Road

Two for the Road (1967)

A couple in the south of France non-sequentially spin down the highways of infidelity in their troubled ten-year marriage. (111 mins.)
Director: Stanley Donen
Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney, Eleanor Bron, William Daniels
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“ Travel is a constant theme in this romantic dramedy about a married couple, played by Albert Finney and Aubrey Hepburn. The movie starts off with a road trip to Saint-Tropez, and as they drive through France, the audience is treated to flashbacks of previous trips that have affected their relationship. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Samsara

Samsara (2011 Documentary)

Filmed over nearly five years in twenty-five countries on five continents, and shot on seventy-millimetre film, Samsara transports us to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders. (102 mins.)
Director: Ron Fricke
Stars: Balinese Tari Legong Dancers, Ni Made Megahadi Pratiwi, Puti Sri Candra Dewi, Putu Dinda Pratika
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“ SAMSARA is a Sanskrit word that means “the ever turning wheel of life” and is the point of departure for the filmmakers as they search for the elusive current of interconnection that runs through our lives. Filmed over a period of almost five years and in twenty-five countries, SAMSARA transports us to sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial sites, and natural wonders. By dispensing with dialogue and descriptive text, SAMSARA subverts our expectations of a traditional documentary, instead encouraging our own inner interpretations inspired by images and musi ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Blue Skies, Green Waters, Red Earth

Blue Skies, Green Waters, Red Earth (2013)

Kasi and Suni go for the ride from Kerala to Nagaland in search of Kasi’s girlfriend. En route, they encounter different people who change their lives forever. (137 mins.)
Director: Sameer Thahir
Stars: Dulquer Salmaan, Sunny Wayne, Bala Hijam, Shane Nigaam
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Image of Touching the Void

Touching the Void (2003 Documentary)

The true story of two climbers and their perilous journey up the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. (106 mins.)
Director: Kevin Macdonald
Stars: Simon Yates, Joe Simpson, Brendan Mackey, Nicholas Aaron
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“ Based on the dramatic true story of Simon Yates, who, with Joe Simpson, attempted to scale the never-before-climbed 21,000 foot Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. On the descent, a disastrous fall levels Yates, shattering his leg … mountaineering “alpine style,” (carrying gear and food on your back,) didn’t make the situation any easier. Now separated, Yates and Simpson must access every shred of strength and courage in their being to make their way home in this ruggedly real mountain voyage. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris (2011)

While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée’s family, a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself mysteriously going back to the 1920s everyday at midnight. (94 mins.)
Director: Woody Allen
Stars: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Kathy Bates, Kurt Fuller
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“ Where Its Take you: France

If you are into Woody Allen films, Paris and art, you will love this movie as I did. Owen Wilson as Gil Pender an aspiring novelist, travels to Paris with her fiancée’s family and somehow finds himself traveling back in time to the 1920’s and meets Jazz Age icons in art and literature like Cole Porter, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. I absolutely fell in love with this movie. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of On the Road

On the Road (2012)

Young writer Sal Paradise has his life shaken by the arrival of free-spirited Dean Moriarty and his girl, Marylou. As they travel across the country, they encounter a mix of people who each impact their journey indelibly. (124 mins.)
Director: Walter Salles
Stars: Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams
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Image of Copenhagen

Copenhagen (2014)

When the girl of your dreams is half your age, it’s time to grow up. (98 mins.)
Director: Mark Raso
Stars: Gethin Anthony, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Sebastian Armesto, Christian Brandt
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“ Where Its Take you : Copenhagen, Denmark

A thoughtful coming-of-age film that gets into the rather messy topic of a May-August romance; which in Copenhagen is between a stunted late twenty-something traveler and a grown-up teenager. The film also features the theme of searching for one’s family, and has a number of beautiful and alluring shots of the city. The trailer alone wants to make you fly over and go on a bike ride. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Una noche

Una noche (2012)

In Havana, Raul dreams of escaping to Miami. Accused of assault, he appeals to Elio to help him reach the forbidden world 90 miles across the ocean. One night, full of hope, they face the biggest challenge of their lives. (90 mins.)
Director: Lucy Mulloy
Stars: Dariel Arrechaga, Anailín de la Rúa de la Torre, Javier Núñez Florián, María Adelaida Méndez Bonet
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“ Where Its Take you : Havana CUBA

Giving you a gritty look of Cuba along with sun-kissed imagery, the energetic Una Noche follows a young man living in Havana who dreams of escaping to Miami. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of The Trip to Italy

The Trip to Italy (2014)

Two men, six meals in six different places on a road trip around Italy. Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and ending in Capri. (108 mins.)
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Stars: Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Rosie Fellner, Claire Keelan
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“ Where Its Take you : Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and ending in Capri.

The fictional Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon team up again for a second restaurant tour, this time in Italy. The characters eat at some of the finest restaurants and beautiful hotels across the country from Piedmont to Capri—following the footsteps of romantic poets Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Riding Solo to the Top of the World

Riding Solo to the Top of the World (2006 Documentary)

Riding Solo To The Top Of The World’ is the unique experience of a lonesome traveler, who rides his… (94 mins.)
Director: Gaurav Jani
Stars: Gaurav Jani
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Image of In Bruges

In Bruges (2008)

Guilt-stricken after a job gone wrong, hitman Ray and his partner await orders from their ruthless boss in Bruges, Belgium, the last place in the world Ray wants to be. (107 mins.)
Director: Martin McDonagh
Stars: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Ciarán Hinds, Elizabeth Berrington
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“ Where It Takes You: Bruges, Belgium
Essential Visuals: Groeningemuseum; Belfry of Bruges; Bruges’ historic city center

This is great because most people never have a reason to travel to Bruges, even though it’s an impressive and historic city. Luckily, this film shows viewers enough to make them feel like locals. Two hit men, played by Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, hide out from their gangster boss (Ralph Fiennes) in the city’s storybook background. It’s a sexy, violent, intriguing romp through the city and is amazingly well done to boot. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of Thelma & Louise

Thelma & Louise (1991)

An Arkansas waitress and a housewife shoot a rapist and take off in a ’66 Thunderbird. (130 mins.)
Director: Ridley Scott
Stars: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen
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“ Thelma & Louise is indisputably the best American buddy road trip movie all time. Yes, even better than Dumb & Dumber. It’s also a rare popular feminist movie, so that’s an added plus. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Due Date

Due Date (2010)

High-strung father-to-be Peter Highman is forced to hitch a ride with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay on a road trip in order to make it to his child’s birth on time. (95 mins.)
Director: Todd Phillips
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Michelle Monaghan, Jamie Foxx
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Image of Italy: Love It, or Leave It

Italy: Love It, or Leave It (2011 Documentary)

After their award winning documentary, ‘Suddenly, Last Winter’, Luca and Gustav are back. This time they have to decide: should they stay in Italy… (75 mins.)
Director: Gustav Hofer, Luca Ragazzi
Stars: Frank Dabell
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Image of Long Way Round

Long Way Round (2004 Mini-Series)

This documentary series follows actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on a motorcycle trip around the world… (315 mins.)
Stars: Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman, David Alexanian, Russ Malkin
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“ Keeping up with my travel bug, I decided to pick up watching a tv series called ‘Long Way Round’ where Ewan McGreggor and Charley Boorman decide to take a several month trip around the world on their motorcycles. Not only did it appeal to me because…well it’s an amazing journey, but the fact it was done on a motorcycle adds another bit of excitement. Immediately after watching the show, I found myself looking up sport touring or enduro style motorcycles. – See more at: http://www.adventureseeker.org/travel-inspiration/the-10-best-travel-films-of-all-time/#sthash.9Smq9YyT.dpuf ” – harrismcteyd
Image of Sin Nombre

Sin Nombre (2009)

A Honduran young girl and a Mexican gangster are united in a journey across the American border. (96 mins.)
Director: Cary Jôji Fukunaga
Stars: Paulina Gaitan, Marco Antonio Aguirre, Leonardo Alonso, Karla Cecilia Alvarado
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Image of The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous hotel from the fictional Republic of Zubrowka between the first and second World Wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. (99 mins.)
Director: Wes Anderson
Stars: Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham, Mathieu Amalric, Adrien Brody
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“ Where It Takes You: Germany

Amazing, amazing film! It’s a black comedy narrating the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a world-renowned hotel in the Republic of Zubrowka (which doesn’t exist in real life), and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his best friend. The Grand Budapest Hotel features the incredibly picturesque landscapes of Saxony and its beautiful capital Dresden. ” – harrismcteyd

Image of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

British retirees travel to India to take up residence in what they believe is a newly restored hotel. Less luxurious than advertised, the Marigold Hotel nevertheless slowly begins to charm in unexpected ways. (124 mins.)
Director: John Madden
Stars: Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson
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“ When a group of British retirees hit up a hotel in India and find it to be not quite what they expected, they get a great cultural lesson and immersion experience. It just goes to show you what expectations can do, and how much fun you can have when you have a great group of people. ” – harrismcteyd
Image of The Darien Gap

The Darien Gap (1996)

A young man hitchhikes through Central America until he is faced with crossing an 80-mile gigantic swamp called the Darien Gap. This comedy adventure from Brad Anderson was a Grand Jury Prize nominee at Sundance. (92 mins.)
Director: Brad Anderson
Stars: Sandi Carroll, Bob Druwing, D.W. Ferranti, Leech
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Image of Bekas

Bekas (2012)

Iraq in the early 1990 was a devastating land to survive in. When we think of Iraq, the first thing… (97 mins.)
Director: Karzan Kader
Stars: Zamand Taha, Sarwar Faz
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